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Benefits of
uPVC & Double Glazing
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Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency through efficient thermal insulation


Here in the southern states especially Tasmania we can face some pretty cold weather in winter, but what makes us shiver the most is the thought of getting that dreaded heating bill. Energy bills are expensive and seem to get worse every year, but have you ever thought that in fact the problem is actually your windows? Windows and doors make up a large percent of surface area on your building, meaning it can be a real weak point of your house or business. With standard glass and aluminium frames, your windows could be wasting up to 40% of your heating, now think of that in dollar terms.


Our uPVC double glazed window & door systems no only look great, but they contribute to a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your home or business no matter the climate. This not only feels good in all seasons but saves you money in the long-term with superior thermal insulating performance as a result of both double glazing and uPVC. Benefiting from savings on air conditioning in summer, heating in winter and on energy bills all year round. Window and door systems from Kömmerling also eliminate the problems of water condensation on the window panes inside the house.

Did you know:

The manufacturing of our uPVC window & door profiles is relatively energy efficient compared to other materials and where uPVC has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of foresting is slowed.  uPVC window and door systems are also environmentally friendly as they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of new uPVC profiles.

Strong & Durable
Strength & durability


The high-performance compound used and developed exclusively by Kömmerling is KOMALIT Z.  The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proven over 30 years. This Kömmerling owned material compound exceeds world-wide standards for strength, durability, head stability, colour retention and termite resistance.  KOMALIT Z in fact significantly exceeds these stringent requirements.  This fact provides an additional margin of safety to the quality of the product during fabrication, installation and service.


Thanks to modern technology, Kömmerling uPVC windows and doors will practically last forever.  For this reason, they are an excellent investment for your home as they do not involve any future maintenance costs.  Combine this with the energy saving effects and they are an even better investment again.



The frequency of break-ins is increasing all the time and burglars usually find their way in via the windows. Our high strength window and door profiles made of uPVC offer the best solution for increased safety. 


Kommerling window sashes and frames are made from stable, highly impact-resistant multi-chamber uPVC profiles with integrated steel reinforcements. Making them a superior choice to protect you, your family & your belongings safety.


Some of our windows & doors even provide multi-point locking, which offers even higher levels of security.

Sound Proofing
Sound proofing through high acoustic insulation


The protection against noise is an essential characteristic of the modern home in order to ensure a comfortable life and since windows are literally the thinnest parts of a building’s shell, they play a decisive role in the acoustic absorption values of your house.

Noise has been proved to be harmful to health causing sleep loss, stress, irritability, poor concentration and even more serious health conditions, so it really pays to have quality, professionally installed windows.  

The sound insulation in the Kömmerling uPVC profile design is characteristically good and is further enhanced by fitted steel reinforcing, pair this with double glazing and you have efficient and superior noise insulation. This is especially important in buildings located alongside roads with heavy traffic or in the close vicinity of airports.


By fitting Titane windows & doors which combines high-grade Kömmerling uPVC multi-chamber profiles and double glazing together, you can reduce this noise inside the house to approximately 1/24 of the external level.

External Noise Levels as heard through:

Open Window (heavy traffic) ~ 80 dB

Old Window (single glazed) ~ 60 dB

Standard Window (double glazed) ~ 48 dB

uPVC Window (Ideal 4000) ~ 35 dB


Note: A reduction of 10 dB (decibel) will reduce subjective loudness by up to 50%. dB (decibel) is commonly used in acoustics to quantify sound levels perceived by the human ear.

Weather resistance
Weather resistance

More than any other building material, Titane uPVC windows & doors keep their excellent material properties even after many years in use.  As a matter of fact, they do not alter under extreme temperature, weathering & UV.  Thanks to the Kömmerling owned material compound of the uPVC profiles, they do not show negative effects caused by heavy rain, snow, strong sun or smog.  They do not rot, corrode nor warp and even after many years, the windows are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well.

Maximum wind resistance


Due to their excellent material properties, Kommerling uPVC windows and doors are ideal for being installed in buildings close to the sea where they are permanently exposed to strong winds, heavy rain and salty air.  The windows have passed several severe tests by official institutions to support this.  Kömmerling profiles can also be fitted in high rise buildings without any problems.


Maximum water tightness


Kömmerling uPVC window and door systems have been successfully used in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without detriment to the surface finish or performance.  One of the main assets of these window & door systems is their resistance to driving rain in their joint tightness.  Kömmerling uPVC profiles fulfil the demands of DIN 18055 (resistance to rain).


Fire Resistance


Fire tests have shown that Kömmerling uPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant through their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the natural development of fire.  Unlike timber windows, the uPVC sections do not support combustion, and are in fact self-extinguishing.  This quality prevents the promotion of fire spread.  For this reason, Kömmerling window systems offer considerable fire protection.  The special profile compound possesses a fire retardant.  Therefore, Kömmerling profiles are an effective means of preventative fire protection (brochure available in download section).

Beauty & Design
Beauty & Design


Kömmerling uPVC window systems offer the most varied styles and designs.  The technical limitations of the past have been overcome and today’s uPVC windows and doors can be fitted into any type of property from residential houses and apartments, to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals and modern office blocks.  With their great versatility, our uPVC windows and doors will satisfy any taste in style and design and have proven to be the best material even for the restoration of historical buildings.

Low maintence
Maintenance free

Kömmerling uPVC window and door systems do not require regular painting and expensive maintenance.  They do not rot, warp nor corrode even in tropical or salty coastal climates.  Therefore, their maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs.

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