Titane & Kömmerling? 

Titane & Kömmerling


Windows (& doors) are one of the most important factors when it comes to a building’s comfort, cost and appearance. With so many things to consider it is easy to see why uPVC window systems have become immensely popular across the globe with superior quality, style, security, practicality & functionality. In addition to all the listed benefits, for the first time, there is an ideal material which is 100% rot-proof providing long service life and easy maintenance. Titane choose Kommerling uPVC profiles for our window and door manufacturing.


Kömmerling has played a pioneering role in marketing window systems since 1967.  Today it successfully has operations in all parts of the world and most of these countries have their own quality standards and guidelines. Kömmerling uPVC window and door systems have been independently tested for performance and quality all over the globe.  They meet, and often substantially surpass the requirements & relevant standards for uPVC windows worldwide.  This technical excellence, independently substantiated and proven over many years of service ranging from Arctic to Mediterranean and equatorial conditions, means Kömmerling products can confidently be specified to meet the most rigorous requirements of prolonged exposure and use, even against the extreme Australian conditions.


Kömmerling C70 Profile Specifications


The Kömmerling profile used in both our windows and doors is a revolutionary 5-chambered system, that's extruded using a lead-free uPVC Greenline compound & steel reinforcing. This 70mm profile brings many design benefits including:


  • Green Line

  • Steel reinforced profiles

  • Multi-point locking (superior security)

  • Internal beading (extra secure)

  • Sealed unit double glazing

  • Exceptional thermal insulation properties

  • High impact modern profiles

  • Timeless & contemporary styles & colours

  • Colourfast uPVC




Titane’s Kömmerling profiles come in many different colours including

White & Ivory

Plus Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak & Signal Grey

(which can be one solid colour or white on the other side)


See colour options below or look through our product styles for more examples:

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