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-Tilt & Turn-

uPVC Double Glazed Windows
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Tilt & Turn


With all the benefits of double glazing and a unique modern European design it is easy to see why this is one of our most popular windows. Simply turn the handle 45 degrees to initiate the ‘tilt position’ where the sash tilts inwards at the top to provide excellent ventilation without having a wide open window. Or turn the handle 180 degrees to the ‘turn position’, now the window sash hinges just from one side enabling the window to open fully allowing maximum ventilation or cleaning (plus means of escape in case of emergency). This modern yet functional style offers security, good ventilation, effortless cleaning and a superior wind rating.






Open (turn)



  • Multi-point locking: superior multiple locking bolts provide maximum security

  • Ventilation: The window can be tilted or opened depending on the ventilation required.

  • Cyclone rating: this window system has achieved the highest results whilst undergoing stringent testing procedures and can withstand very high winds and driving rain without draught or moisture penetration

  • Tilt position:  provides excellent ventilation while maintaining security and safety.

  • Turn position: maximum ventilation and means of escape in case of emergency

  • Easy external cleaning:  in the fully open position the external surface of the window can be cleaned easily and safely from the inside.  (This window is perfect for multi-storey situations)

Plus all the benefits of Double Glazing:


  • Energy efficiency

  • Security

  • Soundproofing

  • Weather resistance

  • Low maintenance

  • The highest quality (Strong and Durable)

  • Timeless & contemporary styles & colours



Comes in 5 stock colours including

White & Ivory

or Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Signal Grey (which can be white on the other side)

More colour options are available on request with longer ordering lead times. 


Australian Standard:

Titane tilt and turn windows have been tested to Australian Standards AS 4420.0 and AS 4420.

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