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Frenchmans cap

This is possibly the most spectacular location our windows have been used and undoubtedly the most remote. Frenchmans cap hut is a unique and exciting project located on the west coast of Tasmania...2 days hike from any of the main roads. Now known as one of the most remote builds in Tasmania, if not Australia.

HR Tahune (media)- 090318 - (c)Chris Cre

The project made difficult by not only the remote location and challenging terrain but the weather. Being located in the highland areas it is known to rain/snow there 300 days a year, only leaving a small window for the building to happen during the summer months. See Gallery below for images from the construction of the hut, including a photo of our windows going up!

Frenchmans Cap/Lake Tahune by Chris Crerar

2018-01-20 11.50.43.jpeg
2018-02-02 14.23.34.jpeg
2018-02-02 14.05.39.jpeg

Photos provided by Valley Workshops of construction of the Frenchmans Cap Hut

Windows for Energy Efficiency


Windows and doors make up a large percent of surface area of a building and are literally the thinnest parts of a building’s shell meaning they play a decisive role in the overall thermal properties. 


Titane are proud to have been chosen to custom build multiple fixed and awning windows (inc screens) in anthracite grey uPVC triple glazed windows for this project, to aid in keeping the hut at maximum energy efficiency.

HR Tahune (media)- 090318 - (c)Chris Cre






A successful project all round which has even won prestigious awards at the Master builders awards in Adelaide for energy efficiency.

Photos below include a photo from the awards function and also a photo from the official opening by Premier Hon. Will Hodgman and Dick Smith in Hobart.

Pictured is Dick Smith (50% funder of the project), with director Penelope Haley & Architect Warren French)

Dick Smith.jpg
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