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uPVC Double Glazed Doors

French Doors


Our Kömmerling uPVC hinged/french doors provide multiple options for layout and function making it a flexible solution for your home or business. Hinged doors can be either inward or outward opening with one sash or double sash making it a popular choice for letting extra light into your home as well as giving easy access to your house or garden.

Like all Titane’s products our doors are made to measure and can be fully glazed or we can offer a range of solid uPVC door panel designs.





  • Flexibility: Inwards/outwards, double/single, double glazed/door panel


  • Multi-point locking: Offers extremely high levels of security with multipoint locks


  • Thermal efficiency


Plus all the benefits of Double Glazing


  • Energy efficiency

  • Security

  • Soundproofing

  • Weather resistance

  • Low maintenance

  • The highest quality (Strong and Durable)

  • Timeless & contemporary styles & colours



Comes in 5 stock colours including

White & Ivory

or Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Signal Grey (which can be white on the other side)

More colour options are available on request with longer ordering lead times. 

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