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uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Fixed Windows


Fixed Frame uPVC double glazed windows are our standard window, bringing all the typical benefits of double glazing, they are perfect for letting light in and showcasing views. They offer high energy efficiency & home security and can be made in any size from small to even the largest sizes. Not only do they look great on their own, but their standard form can be constructed with our other styles of window systems to create that perfect configuration for your space.



  • Flexible design: Available in most sizes and compatible for use with other style

  • Standard: For large spaces or standard windows that don’t need to open

  • Secure

Plus all the benefits of Double Glazing:


  • Energy efficiency

  • Security

  • Soundproofing

  • Weather resistance

  • Low maintenance

  • The highest quality (Strong and Durable)

  • Timeless & contemporary styles & colours



Comes in 5 stock colours including

White & Ivory

or Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Signal Grey (which can be white on the other side)

More colour options are available on request with longer ordering lead times. 

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