uPVC Double Glazed Doors
-Premi-Line Sliding-

Premi-Line Sliding Doors


Our uPVC double glazed sliding doors are a more traditional style of Sliding Door. Whilst operating similar to traditional sliding doors, our Kömmerling uPVC sliding doors offer superior weather & corrosion resistance and are ideal for the harsh Australian conditions. The insulation properties of 28mm double glazing also mean superior Thermal Efficiency.



  • Maximum ventilation: Sliding doors offer maximum ventilation in the fully open position

  • Indoor/outdoor:  Sliding doors are a great option for lounge, living and other rooms where you would like to benefit from that indoor/outdoor feeling. 

  • Thermal efficiency

Plus all the benefits of Double Glazing:


  • Energy efficiency

  • Security

  • Soundproofing

  • Weather resistance

  • Low maintenance

  • The highest quality (Strong and Durable)

  • Timeless & contemporary styles & colours


Comes in 5 stock colours including

White & Ivory

or Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Signal Grey (which can be white on the other side)

More colour options are available on request with longer ordering lead times. 

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