Tilt and Turn uPVC Double Glazed Windows

This unique European design is one of our most popular windows.  It offers security, good ventilation, ease of cleaning and a superior wind rating.


  • tilt position:  tilts the sash inwards at the top providing excellent ventilation while maintaining security and safety.
  • turn position: window sash hinges from one side enabling the window to open fully allowing maximum ventilation and means of escape in case of emergency
  • multi-point locking: superior multiple locking bolts provide maximum security
  • cyclone rating: this window system has achieved the highest results whilst undergoing stringent testing procedures and can withstand very high winds and driving rain without draught or moisture penetration
  • easy external cleaning:  in the fully open position the external surface of the window can be cleaned easily and safely from the inside.  This window is perfect for multi-storey situations.

Titane tilt and turn windows have been tested to Australian Standards AS 4420.0 and AS 4420.6

View test report here