Awning uPVC Double Glazed Windows

The traditional awning window hinges from the top and opens from the bottom.  Locking clips hold the sash securely in place when closed to ensure a draught free seal.



  • opening:  awning windows are hinged from the top and wind out from the bottom using a smooth operating crank handle.  The window can be opened to different degrees depending on the ventilation required.
  • inclement weather: a great advantage of an awning window is that due to its design the window can be opened during light rain without any moisture penetrating internally.
  • locking clips:  when fully closed we utilise double clips to lock the window tightly against its seals ensuring the maximum possible protection from weather and noise.  When the wind blows on the window surfae the window actually seals more tightly against the seals.
  • ventilation: awning windows tend to draft out more air than they draw in to the interior.  This makes awning windows the perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen applications.

Titane awning windows have been tested to Australian Standards AS 4420.0 and  AS 4420.6

View test report here